Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Longest Day PREMIERES!

Back in mid November i volunteered to help Ron Dawson with the production of "The Longest Day". It involved some of the top wedding photographers in the industry. Here is the explanation by Ron and Episode One video below with a few cameos by yours truly. Enjoy!

Here is the post by Ron that can be seen on The Longest Day website.

It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here. The premiere episode of the first online reality TV show for and about professional photographers, “The Longest Day,” this year’s buzz-building videos series for WPPI 2009.

The premise is simple: get 24 of the hottest professional photographers in the country (and Canada), bring them all to southern California armed only with the knowledge that they would be split into two teams and given an assignment to complete in just 24 hours. Once they arrive, they find out their assignment is to write, shoot, and edit an original short film about photography, AND an original PSA about the respective charity for which they are playing: ThirstRelief and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

Over a series of ten episodes, you’ll see the drama; the comedy; and the battle for the best video and PSA as voted on by YOU. That’s right, as we lead up to WPPI (February 14-19) we’ll air the episodes. Then, about a week before, we’ll show the final short films and PSAs by both teams. You will then have an opportunity to vote for the videos you like the best. Thanks to our sponsors, the winning team will win $3,000 for their charity. The other charity will earn $2,000. (In this episode you’ll hear me mention $1,000 and $500 as the respective prizes. The ante got upped since the taping of this show).

As we did last year, we’re offering some valuable prizes for those of you who participate in the viewing and sharing of the video series. First, anyone who adds any TLD video to their website or blog will get free admission to WPPI 2010 (note: that’s NEXT YEAR’S WPPI, not the upcoming one in 2009). Just get the embed code from the show player, then add to your blog/website. Once added, copy the URL for the specific post, then go to the “WPPI 2010 Freebie Form” at the top of this blog and fill it out. It’s that simple.

Also, for each episode we’ll have a drawing for a free song download from show sponsor Triple Scoop Music (A $60 value). You must leave a comment for that episode to be entered into the drawing. The deadline for each episode’s drawing is the post for the next episode (which will vary from 3-7 days).

Thanks to the sponsors below...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Apologies for the lack of Posts...

I am working on a brand new blog that will be located at www.gustavofernandez.net. It is a new company that i am helping beta test their wordpress blog templates. I am looking to have it up before the New Year's. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Couples Session in San Francisco with Crystelle & Kenny

My friend Kenny Kim is in town hanging out and i tagged along yesterday to shoot one of his friends and his girlfriend. They used to be models back in Chicago and just recently moved to the Bay Area. They were a blast and so easy to shoot. Here are some of my favorites, enjoy!













Crazy Kenny Kim in action on the edge of the roof 6 stories up.


Kenny trying to look cool for the super talented Anton Lorimer of Lorimerworks who was shooting his promo video yesterday too.

And last but not least, be careful when shooting in urban environments, keep an eye out for crazy bums!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gene Higa & Jose Villa Workshop in San Francisco

Yesterday i had the opportunity to attend the Gene Higa & Jose Villa's one day workshop. They are great friends and run their business very differently. Jose is all about being an artist as Gene is more of the businessman. I connected with both of their approaches as they talked about many topics including SEO, destination weddings, pricing, handling clients, albums, getting published, etc. I took many key learnings from both and look forward to creating my own blended business. Here are some of my favorite images i shot, enjoy.

Our location at Fourth Street Studios.


One of our two beautiful models Tyria.



Gene talking to us about posing and getting the best light and expressions from our clients.




Jose and his Contax 645, yes folks he shoots film!


Miss Caroline.




The group...

Gene Higa & Jose Villa Workshop.jpg

Bouquet Provided by Mandy Scott, San Francisco

Gown Provided by: Amy Kuschel, San Francisco

Makeup for models by Maria Chang (Professional Makeup Artisty PMA), San Francisco

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dance Carlie Dance

So my friends & fellow Fast Track Photographer Founders Carlie & Gabriel have posted a fun website called "Dance Carlie Dance" that is too much fun and had to share. Put together by the fab Bui Brothers. Here is an intro trailer to the website. Enjoy!

Check out Dance Carlie Dance HERE!

Friday, August 15, 2008

SF Treasure Hunt for Mr DJ

A couple of days ago i attended David Jay's Free to Succeed Tour in San Francisco. As part of the tour they have been creating a treasure hunt type of game in each city they stop in and gifting $500 of Showit Products to the winner. Oh, and by the way you have to videotape yourself trying to find it! Basically they videotape and hide one of their small characters, more like big heads (made of paper cutouts) of either DJ or Jasmine. They then place the video on DJ's blog and the race is on for the first person to find it. I thought they would release it the following night of the event and waited anxiously that night til my clock passed midnight and i called it a night. The next day i noticed no news on the blog and started to forget about it as i went about my day. Later that night before settling in for a movie i noticed it was up. I was bummed as i noticed it was posted five hours ago! I watched the video and quickly knew where they had hid it, either The Cheesecake Factory on Union Square or the Chancellor Hotel. Unfortunately it was already 10:30pm and the Cheesecake Factory closed in 30 minutes, not enough time to get there and maybe someone might have claimed it already. I then planned on driving in the next morning at 11am when the Cheesecake Factory restaurant opened.

So yesterday morning i once again checked the blog for any signs of the Mr DJ head being claimed by a local photographer. Heck, there was 150 people at the show and figured someone that lived much closer than me was all over it! Well, you can't win if you don't play the game so i was off driving to SF to claim my price. See the video below for the results, a bit long but my first foray into video editing, gotta say i love iMovie and Mac products, so easy to use. As Jasmine would put it, "i rocked the template!"


Can't wait to claim my prize and create myself a totally unique website with the amazing Showit Sites! Thanks to Jasmine & Paul for the fun treasure hunt and of course many thanks to the man behind it all, David Jay!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

San Francisco Free to Succeed Tour

Last night i attended David Jay's Free to Succeed Tour with guest speaker Jasmine Star. Got to catch up and hang out with some of my local photographer friends. My friend Sam Harnack drove over from Lodi and we carpooled in. I had the opportunity to hang out with DJ earlier this year at his Freedom & Slumber Workshop in Santa Barbara and my admiration for what he has to say continues to grow. I have also been a fan of Jasmine Star's work and loved what she had to say about branding and separating yourself from the pack. DJ showed us his new product Showit Sites and how simple it can be used to create a completely custom website. He sold me when he showed us how easy it was too incorporate video into the site. If you are in one of their tour cities definitely go see what these guys have to say.

The Bus! These guys are riding in style...

DJ in action...

Jasmine branding us...


The beautiful inside and out Jasmine Star. Come to find out she is a fellow Latina (part Puerto-Rican). No wonder she is so cool...

Miss Shyla is helping with the tour as THE Assistant Crystal heals up a torn achilles. We missed you Crystal!

The video guys, Ron Dawson & Paul Rogers. I listen to Ron's F Stop Beyond Interviews every week, he has interviewed many of the top photographers in the wedding community.

The Sam Harnack, thanks for coming out...

Friday, July 11, 2008

HOG FOR KIDS: Day 8-Ft. Collins, CO to Denver, CO

HOG FOR KIDS:Day 8-Ft. Collins, CO to Denver, CO

Ft Collins to Denver

After a fun filled day with the Bell's i headed for a short ride south to Denver and joined my Sigma Chi Fraternity brother and also KU Alum Dale and his new beautiful wife Carrie. We headed over for dinner at a nice pizza place and enjoyed a few drinks as we caught up.


As i settled in to my guest bedroom i ran into a baby name book. They swore they bought it for some friends. Right. Had to look myself up of course. Vital: i'll go with the "Full of Life" definition & for Gusto: vigorous enjoyment, zest. Quite happy with those fitting definitions.


Thanks Dale & Carrie, hopefully next time i can spend more than just a night hanging out.

Total Mileage: 61
Total Time: 1 HR

HOG FOR KIDS: Day 9-Ft. Collins Lifestyle Portrait Session with Bell Family

HOG FOR KIDS: Day 9-Ft. Collins Lifestyle Portrait Session with Bell Family

Last night i arrived at my friend Michelle's home after my longest ride yet. We both attended the University of Kansas and shared many good times together. I had not seen her since we left college and looked forward to catching up. I was quickly introduced to her two beautiful children Olivia (Livy) and Connor before putting them to bed and saw that they would be a blast to work with when i pulled my camera out. Michelle excused herself as she started the night shift as a tele-nurse and Marty and i enjoyed some burgers they had just grilled.

This morning i hung out wit the kids and helped Michelle as she got the day ready for us to go out to the park and play. I love being there early to capture the family as the day unfolds. How Connor just chows down on his breakfast and makes sure to feed Bella (the dog) who happily awaiting for the scraps. And how little Miss Libby shyly wonders who this strange man in her home is doing with that big camera.

Eggo with cream cheese, yum...


One of my favorite images of the day.








Thanks Michelle & Marty for having me over.