Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Me...

I wanted to take some time and introduce the blog again since i just made it public yesterday after spending some time this week trying to figure out Blogger.  Definitely still have some kinks to figure out.  As you will see there are quite a few posts before this one, i basically went back and backtracked to practice making different posts.  So a brief story about myself.

I was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, have lived in Italy and Spain.  Finished High School at Valley Forge Military Academy in Pennsylvania, attended the University of Kansas, started working for Johnson & Johnson right after graduation in Pharmaceutical Sales, then got promoted to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Have been here for the last 6 years or so.

Now after 9 years as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative with Johnson & Johnson i am taking a stab at following my passion for photography full time.  I will developing my Wedding Photography business this year while continuing to second shot weddings, manage a commercial photography studio (www.markleet.com) in San Francisco, and assist in commercial shoots.

I'm pretty excited about this year already, i have some great destination weddings, events and trips scheduled.  I start by shooting Nicole and Aaron's engagement session this coming Sunday to be followed by their wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui a few weeks later.  At the end of the month i will be driving down to Santa Barbara to attend David Jay's Freedom & Slumber Workshop. In February i will come back to visit my parents in New Jersey and attend the Mike Colon and Bob Davis workshop Master Your Craft.  At the end of the month i will then join my partner Jennifer Muntz in Chicago to shoot another wedding.  Then in March Jen and i fly to Las Vegas for the annual WPPI convention.

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jewels said...

:) Hurray for Photography! :)

And Hurray for your new blog! :) I'll be at WPPI too!