Sunday, January 27, 2008

David Jay's Freedom & Slumber Workshop in Santa Barbara

I had an amazing time this weekend attending David Jay's Freedom & Slumber workshop in Santa Barbara. It all started with a party on friday night where i met DJ's friends. Many were local talented photographers: Josh Newton, Rodolfo Arpia, Brittany Leigh Gebler, and Michael & Anna Costa. I even got to meet DJ's best friend Deyl Kearinand chat with him about their trip to a private island in Nicaragua the amazing book written by the family that owns the home (A Family on the Move).

Friday evening we all found a corner to crash(slumber party remember) and filled up our air beds and settled in for the night. We awoke to a a nice breakfast set up that Crystal (DJ's assistant extraordinaire) put together for us. We then submerged ourselves with 8 hours of intense training befeore heading oof to downton Santa Barbara for Sushi and then an evening engagement session with some models. The weather did not agree with us as it continued to pur so we headed back to the Freedom House. The next day we continued talking through some new techniques for a "Hands-Free" workflow and we also talked about how to "Get-FIT" and create more FLEXIBILTY, INCOME, & TIME in our lives and then how to use those things to create more meaning in others lives. I was sad to leave Santa Barbara and all my new friends. Mike Larson also stopped by and spoke to us about being first or being forgotten and about the power of the slideshow. He even did his famous camera toss in the house for us.


The Freedom & Slumber crew!
Front (left), Mark Barnes, Crystal Hutchinson, Amy Jett, the host-DJ, Penny Sylvia, Melanie Merkling, Mery Donald,
Back (left) Corey Hage, Kenny Kim, Me, Regas Chefas, Andres Valenzuela, Santa Barbara in the background, and
shot was taken by the beautiful Miss Brittany Leigh.

Most of these photos were taken by the awesome photographer and new friend, Kenny Kim. Check out his blog post for the rest of the highlight images and slideshow.


The boys...


The gals...





I borrowed DJ's famous Canon 50mm 1.0 Lens that was handed down to him by the father of wedding photojournalism Dennis Reggie. An amazing lens which is not in production and very rare. Thanks Corey for taking this image.


Thank you DJ for your wonderful hospitality and sharing your knowledge with all of us.


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Rodolfo Arpia said...

It was great meeting you @ DJ's party!