Monday, January 28, 2008

Digital Photography Edge-Bruce Dorn & Maura Dutra Seminar

Tonight i attended the Digital Photography Edge Workshop by Canon Explorer of Light Bruce Dorn and his partner Corel Paint Master Maura Dutra. Learned advanced speedlite techniques, cinematic composition for capture, artistic application of textures, introduction to digital painting, elegant and efficient Album design. Unfortunately they were pressed for time and they had quite a vast knowledge on each technique but were not able to go in depth on each or spend more time on them. I mainly learned more about how to use my flash creatively by taking it off camera and placing in in other areas of a reception during weddings. I purchased their Baby Slipper so i can hang my flash on the wall or even place it on top of one of the DJ's speakers. Will be giving it a try at my next wedding in Chicago.



The set up that i will essentially have when i put mine together. Flash & Pocket Wizard right behind it, hard to see in this image.


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