Monday, January 7, 2008

Logitech Shoot

Today we worked on a commercial shoot for Logitech.  I packed all the gear with Scott who assists the studio on most of our location jobs.  We had the opportunity to shoot at a beautiful home in Portola Valley.

I am usually in charge of managing the files coming into the computer(we shoot tethered most of the time) and handling the camera equipment & lenses and i was excited about today because Mark was lucky to get a Canon Mark III 1Ds on Saturday.  He has been on a waiting list since March and this camera was one of the few that are actually in the market.  It has a full frame sensor and shoots an amazing 21.1 megapixel file size!  We used it most of the morning and got some amazing images and then it took a turn in our excitement died on us, we are not sure what happened but it was fried.  It would not turn on or give us any sign of life.  Mark spent some time on the phone with the dealer and then with Canon with no luck.

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