Monday, January 21, 2008

Missed flight, lost car rental keys, the works!

What a day. Yesterday i had a wonderful time at Nicole & Aaron's wedding at the Four Seasons. This morning i woke up with the idea that my flight was at 2PM. Well, it was not! When i was checking out of the hotel i glanced at my flight information and realized i just missed it, it was schedule for Noon. I headed to the Four Seasons to join Nicole & Aaron and friends at the beach. I logged onto the internet at the Four Seasons and booked a one way ticket to Oakland. It was cheaper than rebooking with ATA who wanted to charge me $100 change fee over the regular price of the ticket. We lounged by the water and took a few dips followed by a nice teriaki tofu over quinoa for lunch. I then headed over to Brent's (Nicole's bother) condo with Bart to change before driving to the airport. I took the car keys to get the toiletries from the car trunk, changed, and when we were ready to leave the keys were nowhere to be found. I called for a locksmith and the keys were not in the trunk? So if i got my toiletries and closed the trunk i would have immediately realized the keys were inside right? I thought i gave them to Bart when i walked back in. Maybe i set them on the couch when i grabbed my clothes to go to the bathroom. It shall be a mystery til i hear back form him after they turn the condo upside down looking for them. We took Brent's car and Bart dropped me off at the airport to barely miss my flight. This simple mistake cost me a few buck, no fun. I was also scheduled to work on a shoot the next day and therefore my need to get back, if not i would have stayed a day or two and enjoyed Maui some more. Now on a flight to Kona to get on the red-eye to Oakland, to then pick up a rental car(remember i have not had a chance to buy a car yet), race to my house to get some of my clothes for the model on the shoot and then drive back to SF. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.

UPDATE: Bart said they looked everywhere with no luck. A day later i was unpacking my laptop and guess what i found right underneath it, a nice set of rental car keys. Must have dropped it in there when i put my computer away. Luckily it saved me $250 spare key charge when i shipped it back. Definitely learned my lesson to double check my flight information the day before.

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