Friday, January 18, 2008

The "Wet" Road to Hana

Today Bart & I drove the famous Road to Hana. Unfortunately it started pouring rain shortly after our trip started. It was about 65 miles to Hana that bordered the north coast of Maui. Since it was raining the waterfalls were in full force. It was one long windy drive and we stopped at a few waterfalls that were visible for the road and ended up in Hana for lunch.

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I got a little lens envy when i saw this guy shootin the surfers. Imagine bringing that to a wedding...


Here comes the rain...






By the time we got to Hana we were in a pretty bad storm. Check out the video below.

We stopped in Hana and had lunch, luckily by the time we were done it cleared up a bit. We headed back and decided to stop at Black Sand Beach. This large beach is set among lava cliffs and the sand is actually small, smooth, lava pebbles.

Yup, it's black...



After Black Sand Beach we had a long, windy, and uneventful dark drive home. A fun day but definitely need to come back when the weather cooperates to take in the views that are visible from the road.

Here are the rest of the images of the day on my Flickr account.


Andres said...

hermano! post a new blog dude! :)

Penny Sylvia said...

Dude! Don't even tell me you were in Sacramento for lunch and didn't call!!!

p.s. love the feet shot and I totally have lens envy!!

jenniferphoto said...

Those are some good lookin feet!!! :)