Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What a day...

I took off work from the Studio today since i leave tomorrow to shoot Aaron & Nicole's wedding at the Four Seasons in Maui and needed some time to run a few last minute errands.  I started by buying my ticket for Burnigman which took over an hour once i logged in at 10am when the tickets went on sale.  I was immediately #1644th in line.  It counted down pretty smoothly and an hour later i was able to place the order.  The reason i logged in this early was that the first batch(10,000) of tickets are the lowest cost at $210 a piece.

I then headed into San Francisco and joined my friend Jana Asenbrennerova at Macworld to catch up on all the latest toys/gadgets.  Loving all the new features added to the Ipod Touch, it's now basically an iPhone without a cell connection.  You can log into any open wifi available where you go and get your e-mail and surf the web, even has a new cool feature that tells you where you are so you can do directions from there.  I would love to get an iPhone but i am stuck with my Sprint contract til September ($200 fee to cancel my contract) and the AT&T service alone would cost me $40 more a month.  So Ipod Touch it is, looks like B&H has Macworld special for $30 off.

After Macworld i drove straight to Sacramento to join my friend Sam Harnack and attend the PPSV (Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley) meeting.  This month Mike Larson was in town to speak and delivered a great presentation on forming your Identity, having a Purpose, establishing Relationships, and Balancing your life.  

Back home now packing up and doing some last minute laundry.  There goes the buzzer, stuff's dry.  Good night.



The New Macbook Air

These guys are way skinny!

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jenniferphoto said...

Ok my friend...missed your flight? ha likely story! This mac world stuff is great and all but I am dying for your post on the wedding! Get to it! Can't wait to see the magic you worked!