Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Your not in Kansas Anymore..

That is what i used to hear about five years ago when i moved out here from Kansas.  I spent seven and a half years living in Kansas.  I moved there to go to the University of Kansas located in Lawrence and graduated with a Bachelors in Latin American Studies and Spanish four years later.  I then got the job with Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals right after school and moved to Salina which was about 2 hours west.  I spent my next three and a half years covering the western Kansas territory til i got promoted to the Bay Area.

Tonight my good friend Daron Brown is in San Francisco at a sales meeting.  I met Daron in Salina since he also worked for another pharmaceutical company-Aztra Zeneca.  I joined him for dinner at the Hilton's CityScape Restaurant with a couple of his partners Brandon Gary (whom i actually used to wash dishes with at the Tri Delta Sorority house at KU) and the beautiful Aram Morvani who i just met tonight.  We enjoyed some great food, had a few drinks and reminisced about all the doctors i used to call on and how freeing not living the corporate life feels.



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