Sunday, February 3, 2008

Coffee with Livermore Wedding Photographer Sylvain Gentile

This afternoon i had the opportunity to meet Sylvain Gentile for coffee at Starbucks in Dublin. Sylvain and i are both member of David Jay's Freedom Club and started corresponding back and forth via Facebook once i found out he was local. He comes from a sport photography background (his father owns a very successful sports photography business) and is just getting into wedding photography also. We are both in a similar place where we are trying to absorb as much as possible and learn from each other. It's funny when you meet someone that is in the same place as you there is definitely no silence in the conversation. Ideas, thought, gossip, are exchanged freely and it is often a great relief meeting someone that just understands. It was great meeting you Sylvain, look forward to hanging out.

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