Friday, February 1, 2008

Lunch with Sam Harnack of Sam Harnack Studios in Lodi, CA

Today i drove over to Lodi to meet up with my friend Sam Harnack. We met at the Bambi Cantrell and Jerry Ghionis Workshop in Pleasant Hill last year. Sam has a very successful studio in Lodi where a large part of his clientele is high school seniors. He does and amazing job, check out his website. We grabbed lunch at a local mexican restaurant and caught up on all the wedding business and then hung out at his studio. Over lunch he mentioned to me that he was doing a boudoir session and if the client did not mind i could stay and watch. He created another site just for this type of photography and he said he has not advertised other than some Google Ad Words it and has gotten a good amount of clients just from searches online. Check out his boudoir site called Pajama Glamour. By the way, he has an amazing staff, Miss Libby and the talented Mr Chris are a last and definitely fun to hang with. So the client had no problem with me hanging out and i was able to see Sam work his magic, a very talented man indeed. Thanks Sam for letting me hang out and pick you brain.

Here is a pic i took of Sam and Jerry Ghionis at the workshop we attended.


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