Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My First Tank of Gas-Gotta Love Hybrids

After picking up my new 2008 Toyota Prius last friday i had to get some gas. I already felt better that i was not driving my best friends(Ralph) Land Rover Discovery, although i was extremely thankful for him letting me borrow it til i got situated. The Prius takes about 10 gallons and i can drive it over 400 miles on one tank (i know this since my old company car was also a Prius).

Here you can see that i was getting over 37 miles per gallon and had already gone 313 miles, i usually get about 44mpg or so, first tank, just breaking her in.


This is also a much better number than the $75 plus i was paying on the Rover. My wallet sure is happy.


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