Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Volunteer-John Muir Medical Center ER

Tonight i volunteered as usual at John Muir Medical Center's Emergency Room. I am scheduled every week on Wednesday nights from 7-11pm but make it in once or twice a month due to my crazy schedule. Ever since i moved to the Bay Area i have volunteered here. I used to be the Philanthropy Chairman at my fraternity in college and have continued to give of myself since that experience. I have accrued over 500 hours of service and having fun doing it. They now have me train the new volunteers that are brave enough to do so in the ER. Actually, it is not that bad at all. Not like what we see on TV, it is way slower pace and nobody is spurting blood everywhere and doctors are not running down hallways to screaming orders. We do actually get some of the fun stuff like gun shot wounds and bad accidents since we are the trauma center for Contra Costa County. Tonight i had the opportunity to train one the new volunteers Tia. I showed her around the ER and advised her on what to do and what to expect. Many volunteers are usually looking to go into nursing or being a doctor and want to get some experience in the environment to see if they will really like it and often times need volunteer hours to spruce up their resumes to become more competitive. Tia was no different, she want to become a nurse. She is a diabetic and want to help others manage the disease that took her father at a young age.

The patch on my green volunteer polo shirt.


The nametag/badge that gets me in all the doors in the hospital.


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