Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wedding Cake Shoot for Cakework in San Francisco

Cecile from Cakework came by the studio today and dropped of a beautiful cake for us to photograph for a submission to Grace Ormonde Magazine. Mark, the photographer i manage the studio for does mainly commercial photography and he was doing this as a favor. He did not understand my excitement about the cake possibly being featured in what i think is the Cadillac of all wedding magazines. I was was excited for him. Anyways, he had to take off to run some errands so i set up the shoot and had some fun taking a few images with our new Canon Mark III 1Ds. The images below are from my point and shoot, not the 1Ds.

The initial lighting set up.


My desk and also the computer we shoot tethered to when in the studio.


You can see the 1Ds sitting comfortably in a small dog bed we have just for the camera.


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