Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dinner with Kenny Kim

Had dinner last night with my friend Kenny Kim at The Cheesecake Factory. We met about a month ago while he was helping with DJ's Freedom & Slumber workshop. He has had a pretty crazy schedule for the last couple of months also helping out Mike Colon at his local workshop in Orange County and then traveling with Mike and Bob Davis for their Master their Craft Tour. We caught up over dinner and i had a chance to have a real conversation outside of the craziness of a workshop. We spoke about the industry, networking, and how we both go started and where we came from. Kenny recently asked me to shoot a wedding with him in San Francisco and i feel honored and stoked about the opportunity. Thanks Kenny for dinner last night, for all your insights, and for sharing your knowledge with me. Looking forward to hanging out at WPPI in a couple of weeks.


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Ruben Gonzalez said...

Nice!!! I am happy for you bro. You must have lots of pictures and info to share. BTW, I guess that is the same camera you used for me. See ... still works ... good lens! :-)