Monday, March 10, 2008

Kate Chase Presents, Lou Lesko, & BART

I took BART into San Francisco earlier this evening to attend a Apple Store photography presentation. The presentation this evening was sponsored by the Advertising Photographers of America. The title was Kate Chase-The Business of Photography. Kate is an agent that represents digital artists/retouchers. Mainly people that work on large commercial jobs editing the files the photographers deliver to the client to create the idea developed for the advertisement. She spoke about the large need for full time retouchers and how there are no programs out today with a curriculum to produce the talent needed. The need is in that photographers want to go out and take photographs and not be stuck behind the computer editing their work. Some of the examples she shared with us are pretty elaborate(contain several images) pieces which take a significant amount of talent and time to create. This is also a business model that is starting to grow in the wedding industry where companies (Shootdotedit, Lavalu, etc.) are taking the captured files after a wedding and editing down the selects and then applying the any digital retouching to the images. Therefore, giving the photographer back the time to go out and do what he does best and not be stuck in the studio editing thousands of images after a wedding.


Here are some of the examples of the work of the artists she represents.

Small Dog Imageworks

Small Dog.jpg

Sugar Digital

Suga Digital.png

I also had the opportunity to meet up with my friend, photographer Lou Lesko who wrote the book Advertising Photography-A Straightforward Guide to a Complex Industry. He was kind enough give me and autograph one of his books for me that i will be taking to WPPI this week as a gift to Gene Higa, a local San Francisco Destination Wedding Photographer who is doing the work i aspire to be doing. Thanks Lou.

On the way back home i got off on the wrong BART station, there are two BART stations in Walnut Creek and the second one is called Pleasant Hill Station but is still on the Walnut Creek side. So when the Walnut Creek station was announced i jumped out to soon realize that it was the next one. Figured i would walk the mile or two and get some exercise and fresh air instead of waiting another 15 minutes for the next train. Here is a fun shot i took with my point and shoot as i walked across the overpass. Put it in Manual and played with some time lapse photography. Enjoy.


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