Friday, July 11, 2008

HOG FOR KIDS: Day 8-Ft. Collins, CO to Denver, CO

HOG FOR KIDS:Day 8-Ft. Collins, CO to Denver, CO

Ft Collins to Denver

After a fun filled day with the Bell's i headed for a short ride south to Denver and joined my Sigma Chi Fraternity brother and also KU Alum Dale and his new beautiful wife Carrie. We headed over for dinner at a nice pizza place and enjoyed a few drinks as we caught up.


As i settled in to my guest bedroom i ran into a baby name book. They swore they bought it for some friends. Right. Had to look myself up of course. Vital: i'll go with the "Full of Life" definition & for Gusto: vigorous enjoyment, zest. Quite happy with those fitting definitions.


Thanks Dale & Carrie, hopefully next time i can spend more than just a night hanging out.

Total Mileage: 61
Total Time: 1 HR

HOG FOR KIDS: Day 9-Ft. Collins Lifestyle Portrait Session with Bell Family

HOG FOR KIDS: Day 9-Ft. Collins Lifestyle Portrait Session with Bell Family

Last night i arrived at my friend Michelle's home after my longest ride yet. We both attended the University of Kansas and shared many good times together. I had not seen her since we left college and looked forward to catching up. I was quickly introduced to her two beautiful children Olivia (Livy) and Connor before putting them to bed and saw that they would be a blast to work with when i pulled my camera out. Michelle excused herself as she started the night shift as a tele-nurse and Marty and i enjoyed some burgers they had just grilled.

This morning i hung out wit the kids and helped Michelle as she got the day ready for us to go out to the park and play. I love being there early to capture the family as the day unfolds. How Connor just chows down on his breakfast and makes sure to feed Bella (the dog) who happily awaiting for the scraps. And how little Miss Libby shyly wonders who this strange man in her home is doing with that big camera.

Eggo with cream cheese, yum...


One of my favorite images of the day.








Thanks Michelle & Marty for having me over.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

HOG FOR KIDS:Day 8-Albuquerque, NM to Ft. Collins, CO

HOG FOR KIDS:Day 8-Albuquerque, NM to Ft. Collins, CO

NM to CO

Last night i stayed with my new friend Don. Before i left i New Mexico was the only place that i did not know anyone and would just plan on staying at a hotel. I was telling this to my friend Kennedy when she said she had a friend in Albuquerque. She placed the call and i was set. Don took care of me and welcomed me into his home. Thanks Don for your hospitality.

I slept in, rode over to Whole Foods and stocked up for the longest ride yet. It amazed me that it was longer than the San Francisco to LA leg i did on my first day. Like clockwork i ran out of gas at 174 miles and pulled into a gas station that was close by. Today was a pretty straightforward ride up I-25 highway.

Since i got in late and left after Don had taken off for work i did not get a chance to get a picture with Don. I took a pic of an image in his living room. Thanks Don.

Nuevo Mexico vistas...



Outta gas again...

Pipes are hot, do not touch! Bummed out that i burned a hole in my new riding pants:(

Makeshift picnic.


Some beautiful cloud formations.


Sunset in the Colorado Rockies.

Total Mileage: 505
Total Time: 8.5HRS

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

HOG FOR KIDS:Day 7-Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM

HOG FOR KIDS:Day 7-Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM

AZ to NM

I soaked my shirt in cold water, put my jacket on and was off in 100 degree plus weather heading north towards Flagstaff. It's amazing what riding 100 miles north does to the scenery. Changed from cacti to pine trees. On my first stop for gas i reached over to unhook the hose for the water bladder from my jacket and did not find it. I immediately looked back and saw she was a goner! Learned my lesson, must strap everything down individually and not just under the cargo net. A few hours later after cruising at a pretty good clip (Speed Limit here was 75) the bike started to loose power. I glanced down and saw that my mileage from when i filled up the tank was at 174 miles. The tank takes about 5 gallons of gas and i usually get a little over 180 mile per tank. I immediately realized that since i was going 85 mph that gas consumption was a little higher. While still riding and loosing speed fast i reached down and turned the gas switch to reserve and she purred back to life. Luckily there was a gas station up ahead. Not sure how far it will go on reserve.

What's missing from this picture?

Where my water bladder used to live before she flew off into highway freedom...

From dessert shrubs...
IMG_0916.JPG pine trees.





I love these signs! 75MPH...

Missed this rainstorm, looked like it was dumping out there...

These are the vents on my jacket, they work like a charm. In the front and out two vents in the back.

Gotta love truck stops for easy entertainment, a couple of my favs below.


Met a couple of cool guys!




New Mexico Vistas!

Total Mileage: 457
Total Time: 8 HRS

HOG FOR KIDS:Day 7-Phoenix Lifestyle Portrait Session with Muntz Family

HOG FOR KIDS:Day 7-Phoenix Lifestyle Portrait Session with Muntz Family

Today we had a great time taking my business partner Jennifer Muntz's family out to get some family portraits done downtown. Here are some of my favorite images. Enjoy!

downtowna 23.jpg

downtowna 62.jpg

downtown 28.jpg

downtowna 110.jpg

downtown 68.jpg

downtowna 89.jpg

downtown 147.jpg