Thursday, July 3, 2008

HOG FOR KIDS:Day 1-Pleasant Hill to Los Angeles

Hog for Kids:Day 1-Pleasant Hill to Los Angeles

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I slept in after a long day and night of final preparations and ended up getting on the road at about 11am. I decided to take the 101 South so i could spend some time riding down the Pacific Coast shoreline. I packed the bike up and took off to a pretty comfortable ride given it was pretty cool and a bit windy. I stopped in San Luis Obispo to say hello to fellow wedding photographer Mike Larson and his wife Rachel at their new studio. I have heard Mike speak several times and am a great admirer of his work. He was also one of the Young Guns this year at WPPI where he showed his famous camera toss trick. We chatted briefly and then continued my journey south. As i rode into Santa Barbara i was engulfed in some serious smoke. Ash was falling everywhere. I looked to the east and saw some of the wildfires on the hillside. I dropped my friends DJ and Crystal a note to make sure they were ok since they live in the hills. I arrived in LA at about 8:30PM. I will be staying here for the next two days at my friend Ben's place right of the Sunset strip. No kids to photograph here since the original plan was to come down and stay with my cousin and photograph her daughter but they decided to fly home to Dominican Republic over the holiday weekend. Off to Vegas on Saturday, no looking forward to that leg, gonna be "hella" hot.

The outfit.

The bike fully packed.

2003 100YR Anniversary model.




100 miles in..

I sure hope it's not this expensive all the way...

Mike Larson & his wife Rachel.

Their awesome studio.


Self Portrait

Santa Barbara Wildfires



Total Mileage: 437
Total Time: 9.5HRS


.:tomas flint:. said...

Bro! Those wildfire snaps are off the hook. The second from last...wicked!!! Looks like you're enjoying your journey so far. Keep your eyes wide and your heart full.'s a beautiful land, this land of ours.

kennykimdotcom said...

that photo of the palm tree is way cool!

Leah said...

THis is all so awesome, I'm jealous. Hope you're having a blast a stay safe on the road, and take lots of pictures! Awesome wild fire images