Friday, July 11, 2008

HOG FOR KIDS: Day 9-Ft. Collins Lifestyle Portrait Session with Bell Family

HOG FOR KIDS: Day 9-Ft. Collins Lifestyle Portrait Session with Bell Family

Last night i arrived at my friend Michelle's home after my longest ride yet. We both attended the University of Kansas and shared many good times together. I had not seen her since we left college and looked forward to catching up. I was quickly introduced to her two beautiful children Olivia (Livy) and Connor before putting them to bed and saw that they would be a blast to work with when i pulled my camera out. Michelle excused herself as she started the night shift as a tele-nurse and Marty and i enjoyed some burgers they had just grilled.

This morning i hung out wit the kids and helped Michelle as she got the day ready for us to go out to the park and play. I love being there early to capture the family as the day unfolds. How Connor just chows down on his breakfast and makes sure to feed Bella (the dog) who happily awaiting for the scraps. And how little Miss Libby shyly wonders who this strange man in her home is doing with that big camera.

Eggo with cream cheese, yum...


One of my favorite images of the day.








Thanks Michelle & Marty for having me over.


jenniferphoto said...

these are exceptional! I love the one of mom cooking and baby on the floor....u keep getting better and better..i"m proud of your work!!!

Lauren Cohn-Frankel said...

gorgeous light and color, skin tones, and unique storytelling compositions. VERY nice job man.

Bentley Studios said...

THESE ARE AWESOME! Great to meet you at PartnerCon!XXOO