Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dance Carlie Dance

So my friends & fellow Fast Track Photographer Founders Carlie & Gabriel have posted a fun website called "Dance Carlie Dance" that is too much fun and had to share. Put together by the fab Bui Brothers. Here is an intro trailer to the website. Enjoy!

Check out Dance Carlie Dance HERE!

Friday, August 15, 2008

SF Treasure Hunt for Mr DJ

A couple of days ago i attended David Jay's Free to Succeed Tour in San Francisco. As part of the tour they have been creating a treasure hunt type of game in each city they stop in and gifting $500 of Showit Products to the winner. Oh, and by the way you have to videotape yourself trying to find it! Basically they videotape and hide one of their small characters, more like big heads (made of paper cutouts) of either DJ or Jasmine. They then place the video on DJ's blog and the race is on for the first person to find it. I thought they would release it the following night of the event and waited anxiously that night til my clock passed midnight and i called it a night. The next day i noticed no news on the blog and started to forget about it as i went about my day. Later that night before settling in for a movie i noticed it was up. I was bummed as i noticed it was posted five hours ago! I watched the video and quickly knew where they had hid it, either The Cheesecake Factory on Union Square or the Chancellor Hotel. Unfortunately it was already 10:30pm and the Cheesecake Factory closed in 30 minutes, not enough time to get there and maybe someone might have claimed it already. I then planned on driving in the next morning at 11am when the Cheesecake Factory restaurant opened.

So yesterday morning i once again checked the blog for any signs of the Mr DJ head being claimed by a local photographer. Heck, there was 150 people at the show and figured someone that lived much closer than me was all over it! Well, you can't win if you don't play the game so i was off driving to SF to claim my price. See the video below for the results, a bit long but my first foray into video editing, gotta say i love iMovie and Mac products, so easy to use. As Jasmine would put it, "i rocked the template!"


Can't wait to claim my prize and create myself a totally unique website with the amazing Showit Sites! Thanks to Jasmine & Paul for the fun treasure hunt and of course many thanks to the man behind it all, David Jay!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

San Francisco Free to Succeed Tour

Last night i attended David Jay's Free to Succeed Tour with guest speaker Jasmine Star. Got to catch up and hang out with some of my local photographer friends. My friend Sam Harnack drove over from Lodi and we carpooled in. I had the opportunity to hang out with DJ earlier this year at his Freedom & Slumber Workshop in Santa Barbara and my admiration for what he has to say continues to grow. I have also been a fan of Jasmine Star's work and loved what she had to say about branding and separating yourself from the pack. DJ showed us his new product Showit Sites and how simple it can be used to create a completely custom website. He sold me when he showed us how easy it was too incorporate video into the site. If you are in one of their tour cities definitely go see what these guys have to say.

The Bus! These guys are riding in style...

DJ in action...

Jasmine branding us...


The beautiful inside and out Jasmine Star. Come to find out she is a fellow Latina (part Puerto-Rican). No wonder she is so cool...

Miss Shyla is helping with the tour as THE Assistant Crystal heals up a torn achilles. We missed you Crystal!

The video guys, Ron Dawson & Paul Rogers. I listen to Ron's F Stop Beyond Interviews every week, he has interviewed many of the top photographers in the wedding community.

The Sam Harnack, thanks for coming out...