Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gene Higa & Jose Villa Workshop in San Francisco

Yesterday i had the opportunity to attend the Gene Higa & Jose Villa's one day workshop. They are great friends and run their business very differently. Jose is all about being an artist as Gene is more of the businessman. I connected with both of their approaches as they talked about many topics including SEO, destination weddings, pricing, handling clients, albums, getting published, etc. I took many key learnings from both and look forward to creating my own blended business. Here are some of my favorite images i shot, enjoy.

Our location at Fourth Street Studios.


One of our two beautiful models Tyria.



Gene talking to us about posing and getting the best light and expressions from our clients.




Jose and his Contax 645, yes folks he shoots film!


Miss Caroline.




The group...

Gene Higa & Jose Villa Workshop.jpg

Bouquet Provided by Mandy Scott, San Francisco

Gown Provided by: Amy Kuschel, San Francisco

Makeup for models by Maria Chang (Professional Makeup Artisty PMA), San Francisco

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jennifer said...

that was a fun workshop! just saw this group photo on your blog, i wondered who had that picture.