Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Longest Day PREMIERES!

Back in mid November i volunteered to help Ron Dawson with the production of "The Longest Day". It involved some of the top wedding photographers in the industry. Here is the explanation by Ron and Episode One video below with a few cameos by yours truly. Enjoy!

Here is the post by Ron that can be seen on The Longest Day website.

It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here. The premiere episode of the first online reality TV show for and about professional photographers, “The Longest Day,” this year’s buzz-building videos series for WPPI 2009.

The premise is simple: get 24 of the hottest professional photographers in the country (and Canada), bring them all to southern California armed only with the knowledge that they would be split into two teams and given an assignment to complete in just 24 hours. Once they arrive, they find out their assignment is to write, shoot, and edit an original short film about photography, AND an original PSA about the respective charity for which they are playing: ThirstRelief and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

Over a series of ten episodes, you’ll see the drama; the comedy; and the battle for the best video and PSA as voted on by YOU. That’s right, as we lead up to WPPI (February 14-19) we’ll air the episodes. Then, about a week before, we’ll show the final short films and PSAs by both teams. You will then have an opportunity to vote for the videos you like the best. Thanks to our sponsors, the winning team will win $3,000 for their charity. The other charity will earn $2,000. (In this episode you’ll hear me mention $1,000 and $500 as the respective prizes. The ante got upped since the taping of this show).

As we did last year, we’re offering some valuable prizes for those of you who participate in the viewing and sharing of the video series. First, anyone who adds any TLD video to their website or blog will get free admission to WPPI 2010 (note: that’s NEXT YEAR’S WPPI, not the upcoming one in 2009). Just get the embed code from the show player, then add to your blog/website. Once added, copy the URL for the specific post, then go to the “WPPI 2010 Freebie Form” at the top of this blog and fill it out. It’s that simple.

Also, for each episode we’ll have a drawing for a free song download from show sponsor Triple Scoop Music (A $60 value). You must leave a comment for that episode to be entered into the drawing. The deadline for each episode’s drawing is the post for the next episode (which will vary from 3-7 days).

Thanks to the sponsors below...

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