Monday, December 31, 2007

Triple Scoop Music

One of the challenges of putting up a website is trying to figure out what music to use and where to get a good selection that is "royalty free".  I was introduced to Triple Scoop Music at Photo Plus Expo in New York last November and purchased a credit for 3 songs.  They have an amazing selection and i tried to tackle their immense library of music a few times since but they have so much it was hard to pick from.  A few days ago i got an e-mail reminding me of the December 31st deadline to pick my songs if not i would incur a $50 fee (more than i paid for one song at the expo discount).  With the help of my friend Jen i was able to narrow it down and make my selections.  Thanks Jen.  Here is my favorite three songs.

Recline by Will Thomas
Mission by Will Thomas
When it Rains by Nard Berings

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